Three easy ways to make more time for yourself

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It’s easy for us to forget how important it is to look after ourselves. We are so busy running around taking care of everyone else, that our own needs get pushed to the bottom of the to-do list. Why is it that prioritising ourselves is so difficult?

We need to remind ourselves, often, that we cannot pour from an empty cup. The better we look
after ourselves, the better we will be able to look after others. Let’s make an effort to set a positive example to those around us, to show them that self-care isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.

Here are three ways to make time for yourself, no matter how busy

Digital detox

Scrolling through social media, reading emails and replying to text messages are all time-consuming tasks that take us away from the present moment. Spend some time each day away from your phone and the demands of others and go for a walk, do a fitness class or get outside into nature. By turning your phone off or leaving it behind occasionally, you won’t be drawn into mindless scrolling, which leads to an Instagram vortex and before you know it, you’ve been staring at your phone for two hours! You’ll feel like you’ve gained time and taken back control.

Make an appointment

When we have a meeting, we schedule it into our diary and plan other things around it. So why don’t we do that with our self-care routine? One of the best ways to force ourselves to have some me-time is to book it in. Sign up to a gym class, book a massage or a beauty treatment, take yourself out for coffee or breakfast. Enjoy time just for you, where no one else and nothing else matters. Don’t feel guilty about carving out this time, remember everyone around you benefits when you are well looked after.

Plan out your week

Make a habit of reviewing your schedule every Sunday evening and have a think about how much time you will have for yourself. Notice if work is taking over, if you have too much (or not enough) social time planned, and if you have time to relax. Try to restore some balance to your schedule by cancelling some meetings that are not important or booking in some quality time with your girlfriends. Planning in advance in this way will stop you from unexpectedly burning out.

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