Red/Spider Vein Removal Treatment

Red/Spider Vein Removal Treat & correct your skin

Facial telangectasia are also known as red veins, thread veins, spider veins and broken capillaries.  Fortunately, they can be easily treated with Diathermy.

What is Red / Spider Vein Removal?

Using a technique called Diathermy, a low level electrical current is passed superficially through the skin causing the collapse of spider veins.

Pricing (per session)

  • Half hour session $199

One session is all that should be needed to treat an area, if subsequent sessions are needed in the same area, this can be done at no cost.



At the time of treatment only mild discomfort will be felt.  Post treatment, redness and heat will be present, but manageable

Yes, using this technique will cause mild scabbing/flaking in the area, similar to a scratch.

Usually only 1 treatment is needed, but if there are substantial veins to be removed it may be suggested or required that 2 visits are necessary.

After your first session, if you require an additional treatment, we recommend booking this 4 weeks after your initial treatment

Yes, we have ZipPay available, you can view more information here: ZipPay

Clinic Locations

Clients come from near and as far as interstate and even overseas to visit our clinic, located in Capalaba in the business district of beautiful Redland City, Queensland, we are just a short trip from those in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan and surrounds.

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