Dermal Fillers Brisbane
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Dermal Fillers Brisbane

Dermal Fillers in Brisbane Restore Lost Volume and Add Contour

Using dermal fillers in Brisbane can restore youthful contours to ageing faces, offering you a fountain of youth. Injecting natural substances that rejuvenate areas that are looking a little tired produces youthful results to fight the hands of time. Injex Clinics offers a wide range of injectables in Brisbane to combat ageing and restore your confidence.

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What Sets Injex Clinics Apart Regarding Cosmetic Fillers in Brisbane

Our staff are not on commission, so you are assured that any recommended treatments are only what you require. Our staff continuously learn about new products and techniques that offer you the ability to look and feel your best.

  • We start with a consultation appointment to listen to your concerns and assess your overall health to ensure you can accept treatments. From there we outline the options available to you that address your problem areas with as little pain as possible and which will achieve results that are quickly noticeable.
  • Our experienced staff know their products and can detail a procedure that works best for your issues. We explain everything in as much detail as you desire so there are no surprises during treatment.
  • We use numbing creams and can use nerve blocks to minimise pain, and the filler contains a numbing agent as well, so you can resume normal activities immediately. We do recommend that you refrain from exercising and consuming alcohol for at least 24 hours after treatment.

Swelling and bruising is normal however not common, and will disappear in a few days or weeks depending upon your body’s reaction to the product used and your body’s sensitivity. We recommend that you eliminate green tea and alcohol for two weeks before treatment to reduce the potential of swelling.

Why Trust Injex Clinics Regarding Cosmetic Injectables in Brisbane

We take pride in our customer service and attention to detail when it comes to helping you achieve the youthful look that the passage of time is stealing.

  • Our staff is continually sourcing new products and techniques that produce maximum results with little pain and faster recovery time.
  • Our team works closely with you to ensure you receive the right treatment from the right professional. Your comfort is paramount, and once you are comfortable with our staff, you will feel like family.
  • Your visit is entirely confidential, so no one will know you’re here other than our professional staff.

About Injex Clinics

We opened our doors in 2015 to provide cosmetic solutions that offer youthful results and restore your confidence in your appearance. We offer packages that reduce the per price visit and offer ZipPay to manage your budget while receiving treatments designed to perfect your desired look. Our staff studies new products and techniques continuously so we can offer you the latest treatments available that reverse the hands of time.

For more information on our products and services, contact our friendly staff who will answer any questions. Stop wasting time and turn the hands back to a time when you felt your best.