Skin Tightening Brisbane | How to achieve your desired results in 2023

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Age, babies, weight gain and loss.  These things can all cause skin to become loose and saggy. 

You may have heard that it can’t be fixed without surgery, but you heard wrong.  Using Radio Frequency energy, skin can be tightened almost anywhere on the body!

Let’s take a look at our top Mummy Make-over recommendations:

What is RF Skin Tightening?

RF stand for Radio Frequency, basically this device sends RF waves deep into the layers of the skin causing gentle heat in the area, the deep dermal heat causes skin to contract and stimulates collagen and elastin remodelling.  You’ll actually get a pretty immediate result, this is the initial contraction of collagen fibers which will relax again, but with continued treatment, these results can be more permanent and only require maintenance every 6 or so months!

There are some other great things about RF Skin Tightening at Brisbane’s Injex Clinics, and that’s the fact there is absolutely no downtime, and it can be performed on ANY skin type!

But is it safe? Yep! Radio frequency is non-invasive and actually really relaxing, like a warm massage!

Who and what is this treatment best for?

This treatment is fantastic for anyone wanting to tighten thier face, neck, under the eyes, stomach and even legs! As we age, and go through certain stages of life, our skin can lose it’s elasticity and become lax, so this treatment is perfect for those with good diet and exercise, who just need a bit of help to tighten their skin.

For the face and chin

As we age, our fat pads begin to migrate and diminish, with the help of RF skin tightening we can help repair the lost elasticity and slow the downwards migration of these fat pads.

For the stomach

One of the biggest concerns for women after pregnancy is that they are often left with loose skin around their stomach.  No matter how much we diet and exercise, this loose crepey skin still seems to stick around, but this treatment is perfect to help with crepey skin and tightening the stomach skin back up.

For the knees/upper legs

Age and muslce loss can cause the skin on the upper legs, especially around the knees to look loose and saggy.  Women are also particularly unfortunate in the make-up of their DNA as the structure of fibres means the appearance of cellulite is a lot more likely in women than men.  But RF can help reduce the appearance of cellulite, sagging and loose skin.

How long does treatment take?

This treatment is so quick and easy, only 30 minutes and absolutely no downtime! Perfect for those who are time poor or would like to duck in for a quick lunch time visit!

Got an event coming up?

If you’re not up for a full series of treatments, you can treat your areas of concern, including cellulite for a temporary tightening and reduction in the appearance of cellulite.  PERFECT! We recommend booking no more than 24 hours before your event!

How long do results take?

Results generally begin to be seen after the first treatment and continue to improve long after the final treatment.

How long do results last?

After a series of treatments, results can last up to 9 months post treatment.  Generally you will just need some maintenance sessions after this instead of a full program again.

Thinking about booking?

Why not book a complimentary consultation to see if this treatment is right for you? You can book online, or call or TXT 0437 372 764

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