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Want lust-worthy eyebrows without the work?

If you think you’re doomed because you over-plucked as a teenager, we have some good news for you. It’s the trend that’s taken Instagram by storm, and for good reason. No longer must you stare at Cara Delevignes luscious brows in envy because, finally, they can be yours too.

Eyebrow tattooing is the solution to the tedious and time-consuming process of colouring in your eyebrows every day. And before you go gasping and thinking about a big black slug tattoo on your face, it is a completely different process to traditional tattooing. It involves using a very fine needle that doesn’t penetrate the skin deeply more like just lightly scratches the surface. These feather strokes create fine, natural strokes that look like real hair.

Whether you have thin eyebrows, white blonde hair, no hair at all, or just want a fuller look, microblading can make all your brow dreams come true. Not to mention the convenience of simplifying your beauty routine as you’ll no longer need any brow products.

What it feels like

Firstly the brows are shaped and cleaned. Then we add a numbing cream to get the area ready for treatment. For feathering we use a small, handheld tool (different to a tattoo gun) tiny, superficial cuts are made along the brow and pigment is deposited to seep into the skin. For Ombre brows a tattoo gun is used, but the result is a soft, powder like finish. Strong bold brows without that tattoo look. But what if you love both and can’t decide?

We’ve got you covered! Combination brows uses both techniques for a soft feathery brow begging that gently fades into strong & bold tails. If you’re worried about the pain, we have a little secret! As we are a Medical Aesthetic Clinic, we have access to prescription strength numbing creams! So instead of pain, most people find it just a little uncomfortable, like a scratching.

Does it work?

See for yourself….

Feather brows
Ombre brows
Combination brows

How often do you need to have them re-tattooed

This will depend on how well your skin takes to the tattooing, as it isn’t a traditional tattoo, these brows aren’t permanent.
We offer discounts for touch-ups for life:

0-3 months $100
3-6 months $150
6-12 months $250
12-18 months $400

Initial investment

Great brows aren’t cheap, however we think for the skill level, we are very well priced. All our tattoo’s include a complimentary touch-up at 4-6 weeks to ensure your brows are perfect and remain on point!

Feather $650
Ombre $750
Combination $750

All these are the incredible results from our Cosmetic Tattooist Carlissa, who works exclusively for Injex Clinics.

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