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Microblading Gold Coast

Get Sculpted Eyebrows with Microblading in Gold Coast

Microblading in Gold Coast is an ideal way to obtain natural-looking eyebrows. Our experienced tattooist will carefully shape and sculpt your eyebrows for a fresh look that will frame your eyes. With minimal treatment, you can have a natural look that will last years.

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The Importance of Cosmetic Tattooing in Gold Coast

Microblading stands out from traditional methods of eyebrow management in these areas.

  • Gives You a Natural Look: The technique we use to deposit pigment under the skin takes place with the use of a super-fine-tipped pen. The needles at the tip of the pen reach into the superficial layers of the skin through small strokes which imitate natural-looking hair.
  • It Will Last Years: You can expect your treatment to last between 12 and 24 months. Your lifestyle and colour of the pigment will impact the length of time for which the tattoo remains vibrant. Factors such as reducing the time you spend in the sun and avoiding exfoliants around your eyebrow area will help to extend the quality and look of your cosmetic tattoo.
  • Uses Pain Management During Treatment: Unlike with eyebrow waxing or shaping using tweezers, we use anaesthetic creams to help reduce discomfort when you are undergoing treatment.

Before Buying an Eyebrow Tattoo in Gold Coast, Consider This

While there is no need for you to prepare the area before getting an eyebrow tattoo, there are a few tips to consider for aftercare.

  • They Will Initially Appear Darker: The tattoo pigment will appear quite dark immediately after the procedure and lighten as it heals. This darker colour is nothing to be scared of: over time, the pigment will begin to fade and lighten to your desired shade.
  • Healing Time: There will be some initial redness around the brows. Over the next few days after treatment, your eyebrows will be a bit tender and have some flaking as the skin heals from the small needle strokes. It is crucial that you take care of the area for the skin to heal properly, which includes avoiding touching or getting your eyebrows wet, refraining from getting sweat or makeup in your brows, and staying away from direct sunlight.
  • Multiple Appointments: While cosmetic tattooing does last a few years, it is essential to keep your follow-up appointment with us after your first treatment. This appointment is usually four to six weeks after the initial procedure, and we offer it to you free of charge. The touch-up will help to ensure that there are no patchy spots, and it will give you even stronger and longer-lasting brow results.
Why Trust Injex Clinics with Microblading

Our cosmetic tattooist is highly skilled and experienced with an eye for detail. We take the time to listen to our clients’ requests and provide them with excellent service, and we always use exclusively high-quality products.

Our clinic offers various other outstanding cosmetic services in addition to microblading, such as dermal therapies, cosmetic injections, laser treatment, and more. Why not create a treatment plan and use one of our payment plans on ZipPay or AfterPay to budget. Contact us today and treat yourself to sculpted, natural-looking eyebrows.