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Top 20 WORST Cosmetic Tattooing Fails!


Top 20 WORST Cosmetic Tattooing Fails!

Ok, so you guys loved (you sickos, haha) our post on some of the WORST lash extensions we’ve ever seen (if you haven’t read this and that’s your jam, check it out here) so of course we had to do another post on the WORST Cosmetic Tattooing we have ever seen.  Like Eyelash Extensions, bad Cosmetic Tattooing can cause major problems such as infections and can be very difficult to fix.  This is why, no matter where you go, we recommend you do your research!

Cosmetic Tattooists need to consider everything from shape, stokes, size, positioning, colour, density and more.  If you’re looking for an expert in Cosmetic Tattooing, why not book a FREE consultation with our Cosmetic Tattooist.

For more information on Cosmetic Tattooing, read all about it here,

And if gross isn’t your thing and you’d prefer to drool over gorgeously crafted expert brows, take a look at our gallery

With that being said, lets get into it the Top 20 WORST Cosmetic Tattooing Fails!



So while Cosmetic Tattooing can be AMAZING, it can also be quite devastating as well.  For some beautiful expertly crafted brows, take a look at our gallery

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