Lash artist - Capalaba


I decided while on maternity leave after having my 3rd Baby that I wanted to do something that I’m passionate about every day so it never feels like I’m working a day in my life again. Retail no longer was giving me enjoyment.  It’s been a huge growth journey and every set I honestly know I get better and better. I love creating sets that leave my client smiling and more confident leaving the room than they came in. 

Favourite treatment

 I love getting my lips filled and can’t pass up getting skin needling done 🥰

Favourite thing about work

I love seeing my client after each fill or new set get up off the table, look in the mirror and their whole face lights up. It’s An amazing feeling being the one that gives someone that boost of confidence to go about their day. 

Favourite food

Either a burger or donut. I’m massive sweet tooth. 

Most asked question at work

What the difference is between the volumes. It’s interesting that not a lot of people know that it’s the amount of fans attached to one lash. Also I find that a lot of people come in wanting full and automatically thinking that means length, however I find the best full, fluffy sets are the ones that are smaller in lengths and higher volume. 

Hobby/interesting fact

If I’m not lashing or being a mum, you’ll find me lifting weights at the gym or enjoying a book in the sunshine on the beach. 

Not including food & water, what 3 things would you bring if you were stranded on a desert island?

Book, tanning lotion and honestly my kids 🤭

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