Non-surgical Nose Augmentation

Non-surgical Nose Augmentation

If you’ve ever wondered about a nose job, you’ve probably realised that they can be quite expensive and require extensive downtime.  But, using dermal filler, we can create a new nose shape in just one appointment, with no downtime and a price that doesn’t hurt your back pocket.

What is non-surgical nose augmentation?

Also known as a liquid nose job, or liquid rhinoplasty, a non-surgical nose augmentation is performed in clinic, under no general anaesthetic and the whole process takes approximately 45 minutes.  Using dermal filler we can augment the shape of the nose to smooth bumps, straighten the nose and even lift the tip, affectionately known as a tinkerbell tip.

Is a liquid nose job safe?

Liquid nose jobs are one of the most dangerous areas to have filler.  The risks can involve necrosis and blindness.  We have one Nurse who performs liquid nose jobs and we have sent her all around Australia and the world specifically to train in this area for many years before we started offering liquid nose jobs as we wanted to be 100% certain we had the best training possible.

How long does a liquid rhinoplasty last?

We recommend coming in for a follow-up after your liquid rhinoplasty a few weeks after your first session to make sure everything has settled nicely.  After this, we see most clients back every 12 months, however the better you are with staying on top of your liquid rhinoplasty, the longer your results will last.

How much does a non-surgical nose job cost?

Despite the tens of thousands we have spent on training, this procedure is just $799.  It’s definitely a big saving compared to a $10,000 surgical rhinoplasty!

What is the downtime after a non-surgical nose job?

If you wanted to go straight back to work, you could.  As long as that work didn’t involve flying internationally, or heavy movement.  There is little to no downtime, with this procedure, we do recommend you refrain from anything that makes you hot, red or sweaty, using make-up for at least 24 hours, drinking alcohol for 24-48 hours and not flying for 2 weeks post treatment.

How & where can I book?

We now have 2 amazing locations, Capalaba & Aspley! You can book online, call or TXT on 0437 372 764 or Email us!

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