Lip filler Brisbane

So you’re contemplating getting lip fillers in Brisbane, but there’s a lot to consider.  Let us walk you through what you need to know before taking the plunge to enhanced lips.

What is lip filler?

Lip filler is an injectable product that increases volume made of a natural substance found in the human body. Unfortuantely we can’t actually name products or ingredients due to the restrictions Australia places on Scheduled medicine.  But, we can always answer any question you have privately – contact us.

What can you expect from lip filler?

Lip filler can increase the volume of your lips, and change the shape slightly as well.  There’s a lot of people who think having lip filler will make you look fake or plastic, but the reality is far from that.  In fact, one session of lip filler is only 1/5 of a teaspoon! So to achieve that very obvious ‘I’ve had lip filler’ look, you’ll actually have to have multiple sessions of lip filler treatments. Check out our blog on 27 lip injection FAQ’s.

How long does lip filler last?

This all depends on what product you have, as mentioned earlier, we can’t actually name products, but let me tell you, there are BIG differences between products.  We choose to use the absolute gold standard product on the market, and the original makers of dermal filler, meaning they have been tried and tested over decades.  But what are some of the main differences between fillers? Longevity is one of them – the better a product is made, the longer it will last, our fillers are clinically tested to last 6+ months and longer depending on which type of filler you have.  Spread – When products are poorly made or cheap, they often will not stay where they are placed and tend to migrate, this is one thing you see with things like duck lips etc. Filler also is very patient dependent, what works really well and lasts a long time for someone, might not be the same story for someone else. However the better the product and experience of the injector, the better your outcome is likely to be.

Potential complications

Like all procedures, everything comes with risk.  Whilst we do everything in our power to minimise these risks, they are ever present.  Risks range from minor to severe, common to rare, here are just a few you should be aware of.

Minor & common – Swelling is guaranteed, you can expect to be swollen for at least a few days but this minimises every day and can be helped with things like anti-histamines, ice, and sleeping elevated at night.

Bruising – The face is filled with literally hundreds of blood vessels, some arteries and a bunch of other stuff too. No ones facial structure is exactly the same, they are similar yes, but it’s still an educated guess as to where these structures lie.  For that reason, bruising is a common risk of treatment.  At Injex though we offer complimentary bruise cream & LED healing sessions to speed up the recovery if you do bruise.  Other than that, some people just bruise easily, medications and diet can also affect your likelihood of bruising as well.  We recommend avoiding alcohol, fish oil, tumeric and asperin at least 48 hours prior to and injectables appointment.

Less common, still minor – Nerve damage, there are little nerve endings all through the face, these help us feel sensations, but every now and then one of these nerve endings or branches can be knicked or severed, in this case you can develop numbness and tingling in the area.  The good news is though, these nerve endings grow back, and usually pretty quick within 4 weeks.

Rare, major – A vasular occlusion is rare, but it’s definitely a risk, and why you should consider if lip injections are for you and really do your research on who is doing your treatment and if they have the appropriate knowledge to identify an occlusion and treat it accordingly.  A vascular occlusion means that an artery has been injected which then blocks blood flow to the area, this can result in tissue death and necrosis.  All injectors should carry emergency kits that can dissolve the filler to stop damage.  Vascular occlusions don’t always appear immediately, you should look out for white patches that have slow or no capillary refill.  You can test this by pressing on an area, when you lift your finger up it should be white then quickly regain colour. Sometimes you can also get what is called a Vascular Compression, this is when something is pressing on an artery causing it’s ability to carry blood to be reduced, this can sometimes be temporary due to swelling, but it’s always a good idea to contact your injector regardless.  You can also try a warm compress to get the blood flow moving as well.


Visiting an experienced clinic or injector is paramount to your experience.  This is your face after all, so make sure you’re not just chasing the best price, or who’s got availability the soonest, we have times where we are booked over a month in advance despite having up to 5 injectors on every day.

An experienced injector is going to be able to explain the treatment and products to you, what you can expect, give you an excellent treatment and manage any complications that arise with expert knowledge and the tools to rectify these situations.

How to get the best out of your lip injections

The main ingredient in lip filler is what’s known as a humectant; it attracts water. So if you want to keep your lip filler looking nice and plump, it’s a good practice to ensure you’re hydrated on the day of your appointment and remain hydrated throughout your recovery and beyond.

There is also evidence that suggests dark berries are excellent at keeping away a protein called MMP (Matrix Metalloprotenaise) which is created naturally in the body and degrades tissue fibres such as collagen, elastin and other things…like filler.

You can also prepare pre & post lip filler injections with our Before dermal filler instructions & After dermal filler instructions.

How to book

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