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Lash Horror! Why choosing the right lash technician is so important!

Lash extension nightmares

Lash horror! Epic fails!

Ok! If you’re squeemish, look away now! We have sourced some of THE worst lash extensions we have ever seen! So if this doesn’t convince you to do your research on lash techs, I don’t know what will!  Let’s get started!

Strip, cluster, and god only knows what lashes instead of professional extensions

Horror lashes Lash horror Lash horrorBad eyelash extensions lash fail

From what we can see here, someone has taken strip lashes, cut them into smaller strips, then used proper eyelash extension glue to stick them on! Oh…my…god. NO! There’s also what appears to be cluster lashes (only meant fo

r one night) and…I’m not even sure what else has been used.

Too much glue!

Lash fail Lash fail Lash fail Lash horror

Lordy me, waaaaay too much glue has been used here, and more than likely, bad separation! Good lash artists know, there’s a certain technique to getting the perfect amount of glue!


Incorrect isolation/separation

Lash horror Lash horror lash fail Lash fail

Not separating/isolating lashes is probably one of the most important steps to correct lash application…you can see why! Bleh!

Mites & Infection

Lash horror Lash fail dermodex Lash fail


Eye infections! Ewww! These can be caused by a few things, when lash techs don’t properly clean their tools, or when the client fails to clean their lashes.  When your tech says ‘Don’t get your lashes wet for 24 hours girl!’ it means 24 hours, not 2 weeks! Wash yo lashes ladies!

Choosing an Eyelash Extension Technician can be tricky, here are just some of the things they should know:

  • Separation/Isolation
  • Correct amount of glue
  • Sterilisation of tools & equipment
  • Selecting correct lash weight, length and type

So if that’s not enough to put you completely off having lash extensions and you would like to book in with someone that knows and abides by all the rules in the lash artist book, then come and see one of our Lash Artists, you can book online with us, or call or TXT 0437 372 764.

If you’d like to LEARN the skills, tricks, techniques and rules to become a lash master, take a look at our Eyelash Extension Mastery Class!

And if this post has completely put you off lash extensions, head on over to our lashes and tanning page for more information and frequently asked questions about lash extensions.


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