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Can lash extensions damage your lashes?

Can lash extensions damage your lashes?

Who doesn’t want to wake up with perfect, bold, long, voluminous, fluffy lashes? But at what cost?

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These days, you can find people doing lash extensions virtually anywhere! With endless choices in length, thickness, style, curl, volume, colour and more it can all get a little confusing, so find out all the different lash options in our blog Everything you need to know about lash extensions.

What you should look for in a Lash Extension Service

.Knowing what to look for when it comes to lash extensions will minimise your risk of damage.  Eyelash extensions, when done incorrectly can 100% damage your lashes, but when done correctly, cause no damage to your lashes.


Lash extensions take time! People often under estimate just how much work goes into creating beautiful fluffly lashes, but Eyelash Extensions can go very wrong, take a look at our blog for some lash horror stories. At Injex, we allocate one and a half hours to do a full set of lashes. We have had some of the best and fastest lash techs you’ll find and they are still unable to do a Full set of lashes in much less than an hour and a half! If someone says it only takes them an hour, chances are they’re cutting corners which can lead to damage! AVOID!


This one can be a bit tricky. We have had clients walk in, begging us to remove their lashes who have paid $300 for a full set of lashes from boutique salons and the work has been terrible! So price isn’t always an indicator, however, a super low price, MAY be an indicator of inferior products. We manufacture lashes ourselves, so are able to provide high quality lash extensions at a fantastic price. However, if you’re seeing a full set of volume lashes for $59…might be best to do a bit of further research first.


There are a million different lash products on the market, and some are better than others. For most people, being able to tell the difference between good and bad products is nearly impossible, so some things to look for, or ask about are:

• What is the product made from?

Cheap lash extensions will be made of acrylic, they will look and feel hard, stiff and very shiny. Feel your natural lashes, soft and flexible, this is what you want to see replicated in lash extensions.

• Are the lashes classic, hand volume, pre-fanned volume or cluster?

Classic lashes are by far the easiest lashes to do, what you’ve got to look out for is hand volume (often referred to as Russian Volume) which is a very advanced technique so make sure your technician has plenty of experience doing this. Pre-fanned are what we use, they can with a super slim stem and are already perfectly fanned for ease and speed of application. Cluster lashes are knotted at the end, these are not for use with lash extension glue, abort mission if your tech is using these!


Your best bet when it comes to choosing an eyelash technicians are recommendations from others. There are plenty of forums and groups on facebook that can give recommendations for places they have been. Make sure you check the persons social media platforms and website if they have one. A lack of recommendations, could mean they’ve shut that feature down due to negative feedback.


This is a huge one, ask your technician where they did their training and how extensive it was. We have seen courses as short as 4 hours with 1.5 of those hours the student being a model! This equates to 1 hour theory and only 1.5 hours practical training. We run Eyelash extension courses every 6 weeks which involves 5 hours of theory and 7 hours of practical training! If you’re considering becoming a lash tech, I’d encourage you to download our brochure:  Lash Training Brochure (6217 downloads)

At the end of the day, there are lots of fantastic lash techs, and lots of pretty bad ones too. So do yourself a favour and play it safe when it comes to your lashes, and if in doubt, why not book an appointment to see us: BOOK NOW

Before you go, take a look at this quick time lapse video of one of our techs performing a lash service!

Hooroo! The Injex Team x

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