Registered Nurse - Capalaba


RN, adv dip derm sci. Aesthetics 11 years, injecting 9 years. Proficient in antiwrinkle, HA fillers including advanced treatment applications like liquid rhinoplasty/glabella/forehead, fat dissolving both double chin and jowls, biostimulating fillers, mono threads, thread lifts.

Favourite treatment

Liquid rhinoplasty. Facial sculpting and profile balancing. Age preservation biostimulating filler/thread lifts. 

Favourite thing about work

Forming long relationships with patients to achieve and maintain their aesthetic goals. 

Favourite food

I like it hot! Anything spicy! Also liquorice. 

Favourite animal

An owl maybe? They stay up too late and overthink right?

Most asked question at work

‘What do I need?’ – ‘Nothing! Cosmetics is ‘want’ not ‘need’ and I believe every person is beautiful in their own way. BUT if there is something specific you’d like to achieve; looking refreshed, younger, more sculpted, or something that you feel insecure about, I’d love to talk about and make some recommendations to develop a plan. My approach is make you feel the best version of you, not turn you into someone else.’

Hobby/interesting fact

Interesting fact? I’ve got 4 kids and a grandson! Just call me Nanna Hannah!

Not including food & water, what 3 things would you bring if you were stranded on a desert island?

A picture of my family, a soft pillow and ‘A beginner’s guide to surviving and escaping a deserted island for dummies’. 

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