Enrolled Nurse - Springfield Lakes


I graduated highschool end of 2017, then beginning my nursing career as an Enrolled nurse shortly after.

I have been a cosmetic nurse injector since 2020, and have loved it since!

I’m continuing my nursing pathway to finally graduate as a registered nurse, while working in the field I know I belong.

Favourite treatment

Favourite treatment would be lips

Favourite thing about work

Absolutely everything! The environment, clinic, ESPECIALLY my work colleagues and the amount of exposure and experiences I get to experience 

Favourite food

Definitely cookie dough 

Favourite animal


Most asked question at work

How old am I, where is my ‘accent’ from..

My answer is a lady never tells her age (then I’m joking and say I’m 22), and I’m a true North Queenslander

Hobby/interesting fact

-I grew up in a small community known to be the hottest in Australia (reaching up to 53.1 degrees to be exact)

-I’m the friend who does everyone’s makeup and hair

-I’ve never stepped foot into a gym

Not including food & water, what 3 things would you bring if you were stranded on a desert island?



-my Yeezy slides

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