Cryosculpting/Fat freezing Brisbane

Reduce Fat with Cryosculpting at Our Brisbane Clinic

We provide fat eliminating treatments such as Cryosculpting or Fat Freezing at our Brisbane clinic. Our staff is highly trained and experienced in using the latest technology to help clients shift excess fat that resists diet and exercise. This method of fat reduction targets specific areas of the body to assist you in toning and tightening.

What Sets Injex Clinics Apart with Fat Reduction in Brisbane?

Our staff members are sensitive to your needs and body goals. We provide:
  • Excellent Customer Service. We have plenty of experience in Cryosculpting. During your appointment, our staff members will take you through the process and discuss your fat eliminating goals with you. We understand that each body is different and responds differently, so we tailor a treatment plan for each client.
  • A Non-Invasive Procedure. Fat reduction via Cryosculpting is a non-invasive method that uses vacuum suction and cooling to freeze your fat cells. This method uses the body’s natural toxin elimination process to remove the dead cells from your system, meaning that little preparation is needed from you. The treatment takes approximately 1 hour, during which you have some downtime to sit back and relax, read, or check your emails.
  • Quality Products. You will see results between four weeks and four months depending on your body type and how it responds to treatment. Our latest technology and our Cryosculpting method result in up to 25% reduction in fat cells around the targeted area.
  • Treatment areas. We have two machines which means we are able to treat a diverse range of areas, most common are stomach, love handles, inner thighs, arms and double chin.

Our Cryosculpting & fat freezing treatment is ideal for individuals who lead an active and healthy lifestyle but need some assistance to target specific areas of fat around their bodies.

What You Should Know About Our Double Chin Injections in Brisbane

Reducing the volume of fat around your chin is a little bit easier with our fat-dissolving injections. Helpful tips to know before you come in include the following:
  • Number of Sessions: The number of sessions you require will depend on how much fat volume is in the area. Most often, a client will require just one to two treatments. Our free consultations are an ideal time during which to discuss how many sessions you will need. We recommend re-treatment every four years to help encourage the permanent removal of cells.
  • How Much Pain to Expect: Our friendly staff will apply a local anaesthetic to the area before treatment to reduce the pain. You may experience mild stinging, heat, or a dull ache. After treatment, the area may be sensitive to touch and feel slightly bruised.
  • When You will See Results: Immediately following your treatment, you will notice a little swelling and tenderness, which is a part of the process and indicates that the treatment is working. This tenderness will last for one to three days on average depending on the individual. You’ll notice and measure results between four and six weeks after your treatment.

About Injex Clinics

We offer high-quality products, excellent customer service, and a knowledgeable and experienced team. Our various services, such as dermal therapies, cosmetic tattooing, and lash services, complement our cosmetic injections, meaning that you can treat yourself over and over all in one place. Contact our professional staff today to book your appointment for our Cryosculpting/fat freezing treatment.

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