Post Reading Information

Anti Wrinkle Injections are a prescribed product used to weaken or relax muscles that
contribute to fine lines, wrinkles and unwanted facial expressions. It is also used in
several medical conditions such as excessive sweating, jaw clenching, chronic muscle
tension headaches, belpharospasm and many others.

It takes 3-5 days before the effects begin to show and usually last 3-5 months but this
period can be shorter or longer, after which time, further treatment is appropriate to
sustain this effect.

It is essential to follow to post treatment instructions to minimise the risk of an
adverse reaction.

Please note, we provide complimentary follow-up appointments 2 weeks post treatment, however if additional product is required, this will incur a $20 fee.

As anti-wrinkle product is administered as an injection, it may result in minimal bleeding, temporary
bruising, redness and swelling in the area. In very rare cases the product can cause
temporary drooping of the eyelid or eyebrow which can last between 3-6 weeks.

If you experience any adverse reactions or side effects, please contact the clinic that performed your service.

Upon completing your appointment, you will have been emailed a copy of your Consultation form and a receipt with the details of your appointment including the products used, Nurse who performed your treatment as well as the Prescribing Doctor.

Should you have any further questions regarding your treatment, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0437 372 764 or submit an enquiry

If you have a concern or complaint about your treatment, please follow the below procedure:

Step 1: Contact the clinic directly – this is the fastest way to have your concern addressed, we will always do everything possible to ensure your treatment outcome is satisfactory. You can also call or TXT the clinics directly:
Capalaba – 0437 372 764
Aspley – 0466 470 580
Springfield Lakes – 0402 887 487

Step 2: Book a follow-up appointment – You are welcome to book a follow-up appointment, we recommend trying to book with the same Nurse who performed your treatment, however if they are unavailble at the time you require an appointment, detailed notes are kept, so any other Nurse can follow on.

Step 3: Contact General Manager directly – If you do not receive a satisfactory outcome from contacting the clinic directly, you can contact the General Manger directly.

Step 4: Emergency contact – if you can not contact the clinics or General Manager directly or it is out of hours, please contact our emergency number via txt or call on:

Step 5: Contact the Nurse directly – when contacting the clinic directly, we will always liase with the Nurse who performed your treatment, and the Doctor who prescribed if required. If you do not believe the clinic is resolving your complaint, you can request to contact the Nurse directly and we will pass this onto them.





















Step 6: Contact the Doctors directly – you will have received a receipt with your prescribing Doctor, if you can not reach a suitable outcome with the clinic or the Nurse directly, please contact your Prescribing Doctor using the below contact forms

Dr Seton

Dr Alex

Dr Aroon

Step 7: Contact other Doctors – If a response from your original prescribing Doctor is not received within 48 hours or you are unsatisfied with their care and you wish to speak to another Doctor, please email one of the other Doctors listed above.

Step 8: Contact Qld Health Ombudsman – If you have not reached a resolution by following and exhausting all of the above steps, please contact the Qld Health Ombudsman

Step 9: Contact AHPRA – If you have not reached a resolution through the Qld Health Ombudsman, and after exhausting all other steps, please contact AHPRA