Eyebrow microblading will take away those painstaking hours of tweezing and make up application every morning. Imagine the freedom you will feel from knowing that no matter what your eyebrows will be pristine. Don’t miss out on our superb quality and reasonable pricing. We put the highest level of care into all our services as our staff members and technicians are passionate and experienced.



Microblading will create the illusion of having fuller brows by using a semi-permanent tattoo technique.

Cosmetic Tattooist Performing Microblading


Just some of the reasons why almost every social media personality is raving about getting cosmetic eyebrow microblading, include:

  • Gain morning time back: It will drastically reduce the amount of time you spend getting ready every day. Enjoy looking and feeling good, even if you only have time for a minimalist make up look – you won’t even have to think about your eyebrows!
  • Be active and look great: Your eyebrows will stay on fleek even after a full cardio session at the gym, swimming, or a hot day. Active people can still go about their day-to-day life without the added stress of losing their perfect brows to sweat or water.
  • It will look natural: Our trained and experienced technicians understand how to perform eyebrow microblading to give you a beautiful, natural brow look that doesn’t look like a tattoo and fits your face perfectly. 
  • Sessions are short and almost painless: A 1.5 hour session will deliver 12 to 24 months of lovely brows. We also offer touch-ups at four to six weeks which we include in the overall price. 
  • Be comfortable: We use anaesthetic creams to help you feel fully comfortable during the session.

What sets Injex clinics apart regarding eyebrow microblading in Brisbane?

  • Get the natural look: Using the microblading technique, our cosmetic tattooist, Carlissa, will use her expertise to give you the brows you have always wanted, using fine hair strokes to create a natural look.
  • Highly-trained staff: Our highly-trained technician will tweeze and shape your brows to suit your face so that you can keep your normal eyebrows but with the added benefit of your brows looking thicker and fuller for longer.
  • Experienced product and service providers: Since we opened in 2015, we have built a reputation around our outstanding products and high-quality service. It is important to us that our clients are happy with our services, which is why, by popular demand, we now also offer eyelash extensions.
  • No added costs: We work hard to leave you looking and feeling fabulous with no added cost for touch-ups. Our high-quality service will make you feel beautiful—no makeup required.

Do You Have Payment Plans?

We have both ZipPay and AfterPay available, so financing your new eyebrows couldn’t be easier.


When it comes to the hassle of maintaining beautiful brows, let us take care of this beauty essential to help you look your best.

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