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Looking good at the gym isn't always about working out

Gym hacks! Beauty Edition

gym girl hacks beauty

How to: Look effortlessly fab at the gym

Ok, before we go jumping up and down about wearing make-up to the gym, that’s not what this post is about.  It’s about feeling comfortable in your own skin, unfortunately the skin gods were not that kind to everyone, and for some of us, make-up is a bit of a security blanket.  If you’re anything like me a completely nude face scares the s*&% out of me, however, full face make up at the gym is also a big no, no for me (but if that’s your thing, then rock it girl).  But, here’s what I do to feel comfortable and effortlessly fab at the gym.

1.       CC Cream

I loooove CC Cream, CC stands for Colour Correction by the way, and of course, you can purchase my fave here by Jexon Cosmetics. It’s light weight, doesn’t look like make-up at all, gives an absolutely radiant glow with a touch of colour, this is one of my favourite products!  It’s enriched with vitamins and of course is mineral so won’t clog your pores!

2.       Cosmetic Tattoo

Don’t freak out, I’m going to give you other options if this isn’t for you, but, having my brows and lash enhancement tattoo has made such an improvement to my face (especially when I have no make-up on) and the effort it takes to get ready is cut down too, so it’s a win/win for me.  My brows are always in place and I’ve got a delicate touch of darkness to the roots of my lashes giving the appearance of thicker lashes.  Still not sure? Check out some of our before and afters here.

3.       Brow Definer

Ok, so if you’re not into tattooing (by the way it’s only semi-permanent, nothing too scary) why not try the Brow Definer by Jexon Cosmetics.  It’s fantastic for the gym because it stays put and it’s waterproof and rub proof! So no sweating it off or wiping it onto your forehead!  Check it out here.

4.       Liquid liner

You don’t need to be winging it out to China, a subtle darkening close to the roots of your lashes is all that’s needed for a quick pick me up that will have your lashes looking naturally thick and delicious, get yours here!

5.       Lash lift & tint

Open your eyes with a lash lift & tint, a lash lift is essentially a perm, which will curl your lashes and this lasts up to 8-12 weeks! Throw a bit of tint on those bad boys and welcome to natural glam…BAM! Book here

6.       Eyelash extensions

If you’re looking for something a little more dramatic that’s going to give you length, volume, and a thicker lash line, then look no further than lash extensions.  Do your research on what look you want to go for, because there’s a lot of different options out there.  Also make sure you see a reputable technician!

7.       Laser hair removal

I have lost count of the times I’ve been out somewhere and lifted my arms up only to recoil in horror at the hairy mass blowing in the breeze from my armpit! BUT there’s no need to worry if you get laser hair removal.  So many times I’ve had people quivering on the bed expecting this wild, crazy pain, and then they’re like…’Oh…is that it’?!! Umm yeah, it’s literally so quick and easy it’s ridiculous.

8.       Lip gloss

While a lipstick in a deep shade of red in a creamy matte number will tip everyone off that you’re wearing lipstick, you can totally get away with a hint of tint in your gloss, or if colour aint yo thang, but you like a bit of a plump for body pump, why not try Jexon Cosmetics Liptoxyl X3.

9.       Spray tan

A bit of a bronze glow I swear takes inches off somehow, so tan yourself up! If you prefer a natural sun tan, make sure you are applying and re-applying sunscreen!  You will STILL tan, but won’t burn and freckle and peel and cause irreversible damage!  The sun will still activate your skins melanin production. So stay sun safe!

So there you have it, some quick, simple and not over the top ways to feel comfortable in your skin at the gym.  While I’m at it, if you’re looking for a great gym, or challenge, take a look at HIIT Australia, and if you’d like to have some of the above mentioned treatments, why not book now!

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