Skin Needling, Dermapen, Microneedling what is it?

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What is Skin Needling/Dermapen/Microneedling

Skin needling, collagen induction therapy, microneedling, dermapen…there are many different names for this
treatment. We like to refer to it as skin needling, as it semi explains what the treatment is about
straight away. There would be nothing worse than having a needle phobia, and booking yourself in
for collagen induction therapy not knowing there are needles involved! (other than missing out on
an awesome anti-ageing treatment!)

So here are the ins and outs and everything you need to know about skin needling. But just before I hit you with the technical explanation of needling – here are the answers to the questions I know you’re already thinking.

  • Yes, it is needles.
  • No, it doesn’t really hurt (just a little scratchy).
  • Yes, you will have a red face.
  • Yes, the skin will most likely bleed a little.
  • No, you will not go home covered in blood.

The Process

Now this bit gets all science-y – so I’ll explain slowly, and as simply as I possibly can. Skin needling stimulates the growth of our skins’ own support structures – collagen and elastin. These structures are like an innerspring mattress. Collagen gives our skin cushiony support, and elastin gives our skin the ability to ‘bounce’ back.

The treatment involves a needling device, that when passed over the skin, creates thousands of little channels into the skin (these channels close up within 15 – 30minutes). These channels are what tricks the skin into thinking it has been ‘cut open’. It is inducing a controlled trauma to stimulate a wound healing response. During this healing process, your skin will become red and inflamed, the cells in charge of growing collagen and elastin are woken up and put to work, and then the new baby collagen slowly matures and becomes the new, firm support structures of the skin. Still with me?


There are several different devices used for skin needling, including rollers, pens and stamps. They are all effective, arguably some more than others. In my professional opinion, mechanical needling pens are the more effective way to perform the treatment as you have full, adjustable control of the depth that the needles are entering the skin, and we are able to ensure that the needles are entering the skin at a 90° angle. This ensures the treatment can be completely customised, as we can then treat around the eyes nice and closely at a safe depth, as well as go that little bit deeper over pitted acne scarring or deep wrinkles.


The benefits of this treatment are endless! The main benefit is overall, healthy skin. It is anti-ageing and rejuvenating, as it stimulates new collagen and elastin AND breaks down abnormal, old collagen to help soften scarring, lines and wrinkles. It dramatically reduces the appearance of enlarged pores, helps to break down abnormal pigmentation, and creates new, healthy blood vessels in the skin. It is the ultimate rejuvenating treatment, or a ‘pick me up’ when your skin is needling a little something.

If you still have questions, why not check out our FAQ’s page or feel free to book in for a consultation to have your skin assessed, and start the journey to youthful, fresh, healthy skin!

Here’s a quick time lapse of the process!

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