Natural looking results with dermal fillers

Natural looking results with dermal fillers If it’s your first time trying cosmetic injectables and you’re a little bit apprehensive, we get it. It can be daunting to have needles in your face for the first time and the concern that you will look too “done” is a common one, but natural looking results with […]

Top 27 Lip Injection FAQ’s | Injex Clinics

We’ve been in the industry for quite a few years, and been asked thousands of questions. So we’ve collated the most comprehensive list of the top 27 questions we get asked about lip injections. 1. How many types of lip fillers are there? This is a bit tricky to answer because the Therapeutic Goods of Australia prohibits […]

Winter Skin tips

There’s no denying it, Winter is here! And with it’s chilly weather brings super dry skin.  We can rug up, wear thermal undies, 3 jumpers, 2 pairs of socks, but the skin on our face is still exposed, which can cause all sorts of drama, dryness, redness, and irritation are the most common. But you […]

5 skincare products we can’t live without

Nothing beats a healthy glow, but good skincare needs to be more than a sporadic facial or occasional mask. It’s what you do daily that counts in the long run. Drinking plenty of water, keeping your face out of the sun and cleaning your makeup brushes regularly will all help, but for an extra boost, […]

How to prevent wrinkles

How to prevent wrinkles Whether you’re in your 20’s, 30’s or older, it’s never too early to prevent wrinkles. No matter how good you’ve been to your skin (even if you’ve been following Tash Oakley’s number one beauty rule of staying out of the sun) the sad truth is we all age. Wrinkles are a […]

Lip injections Brisbane – 8 things you need to know

Lip injections Brisbane – 8 things you need to know So you’re thinking about getting lip injections? But it’s hard to know where to start, so we’ve created a road map to help you get the best service every time. 1. Research lip injections in your area By doing some research, you’ll be able to […]

Is Brow Tattooing safe?

Let’s face it, this is a tattoo…on your FACE, this decision should not be taken lightly, we’ve seen some absolute horror stories (check out our horror blog here) But is brow tattooing safe?  Here’s a list of questions you need to be asking your tattoo artist before you make the decision to have your brows […]

Top 7 Brow Tattooing questions, answered!

We collated a quick collection of the most commonly asked questions about brow tattooing and wrapped them up into bite sized chunks to fast track your brow tattooing knowledge! What is Brow Tattooing Eyebrow tattooing is the art of tattooing hyper-realistic eyebrows onto a persons face.  This can be done using a few different methods.  […]

Eyebrow Tattooing: Feather VS Powder VS Ombre

Eyebrow Tattooing and all the terminology you need to know! Cosmetic tattooing, feather touch, ombre, permanent makeup, powder, microblading, combination brows…it can get a bit confusing! Never fear! This blog will get you in the know! What is Cosmetic Tattooing? Cosmetic tattooing uses modified tattooing techniques to deposit pigment into areas to enhance natural beauty.  […]

Everything you need to know about lip fillers

You know that fuller lips will help you feel more confident about your appearance, but maybe you’re still skeptical about the process. Here are all your questions answered so you can have all the facts. We need to remind ourselves, often, that we cannot pour from an empty cup. The better we look after ourselves, […]