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What happens in a brow tattoo appointment?

Ever wondered what goes down during an eyebrow tattooing session? Find out here!

What happens in a brow tattoo appointment?

What happens in a brow tattoo appointment?

Brush, draw, tweeze, fill in with more pencil, look back at your masterpiece and……not even sisters let alone twins!

We understand the daily struggle and the kind of confidence you get on the odd miracle occasion you some how managed to pull of neat and symmetrical brows, I imagined people mouthing ‘wow’ under the breath as I walked in slow motion wind blowing in my hair.  Ok, so maybe that’s not how it was in real life, but it’s how I felt! However it was a rarity, so after much investigation we decided, we HAD to get a Cosmetic Tattooist at the clinic!

This was daunting, this was a tattoo…On. Someones. Face! We weren’t going to take this decision lightly, and were going to research it! During our research we stumbled across salons offering this service for as little as $150! Wow, what a bargain! Or so we thought….that’s when we started uncovering some truly HORRIFIC brow tattooing (check out these horrors), which almost put us off! But we persevered, it took almost 12 months of searching to find a GOOD Cosmetic Tattooist, and by good, we mean she’s actually amazing!!

Check out what she gets up to in a brow tattooing appointment


Carlissa starts with a consultation, this includes going over what type of brow tattooing you want (if you have no clue this blog might help: Feather vs Ombre) and what colour would suit you best.


Your brows will be numbed, so your appointment will be much more comfortable. A lot of tattooists are unfortunately unable to provide numbing as it is a prescription cream, however as we have Doctors and Nurses at the clinic, this is prescribed and applied accordingly for you.


Carlissa will measure and draw the shape of brows you want or, if you’re not sure, she can follow your natural brows and create a beautiful shape for you.  If you don’t like the shape, it’s easy for her to re-draw until you’ve reached your perfect shape.

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First pass

The first pass involves getting the base shape down


After the first few strokes are made, an open-wound numbing is applied, this is a different numbing cream to the topical numbing initially used.

Second pass

A second pass is then made on the brows to fill in gaps, a third pass may also be required

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Packing the colour into the brows before the big reveal, this involves leaving pigment on the skin for approximately 10 minutes before removing with a special foam cleanser.

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After you’ve had your brows done you can not get them wet for 7 days, this ensures the pigment doesn’t get washed away.  You also have to apply a thin layer of Bepanthen cream throughout the healing process, we will provide you with a small jar.

After your appointment you will be re-booked in 4-6 weeks to have your complimentary touch-up.  This is to go over any areas that may have lost pigment.

Looking for some before and afters?

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