Your teeth may or may not feel slightly sensitive following your in-clinic treatment, this is normal and any discomfort should be brief.

We would advise:

You will be given a teeth whitening kit to take home to help maximise your treatment. Please follow these 3 steps. This can be done 1-2 times per week.

Step 1 – Brush and floss teeth thoroughly before beginning. Pat teeth dry and use a barrier cream
(eg paw paw ointment) along the gums to protect them.
Step 2 – Take the teeth whitening Gel Pen, remove the lid and wind the bottom until gel appears.
Avoiding the gums, carefully paint the gel onto teeth.
Step 3 – Remove the clear safety sheet from the battery and place the LED mouth guard in your
mouth and turn it on. Set timer for 20 minutes. Once complete rinse your mouth out with water and
clean LED mouthguard.