Sarah I

Registered Nurse - Aspley


Hi my name is Sarah and i was born and raised in  North West London, UK. I have two amazing children that keep me very entertained. After I had my first child I went back to college and decided to study psychology more out of interest then wanting to pursue it as a career. 

I have been nursing since I was 16 yo. I started as a dental nurse and then felt that nursing was something I wanted to pursue, so I went onto to complete my Enrolled nursing diploma and then my Bachelors of nursing. I have had the privilege of working in many different areas of health care gaining valuable experience, from mental health, to ED, to GP and ward nursing. As much as I love nursing I felt like I needed a change and have always had an interest in the cosmetic industry. 

It is amazing to be able to help people feel more confident about themselves and feel happy when they are leaving.

Favourite treatment

I really enjoy a good mid-face treatment with a sprinkle through the Nasolabial folds to really make an amazing difference, as it helps with multiple areas and clients really do notice the difference. 

Favourite thing about work

I love working with my Colleagues, we all support and encourage each other and they are always willing to help. It’s a great environment!! 

Favourite food

I love Thai food! Vegetarian:) 

Favourite animal


Most asked question at work

Patient : will I bruise 

Me:  As much as we try not to bruise anyone, I can not promise that you won’t bruise as the face is so vascular.  However you can ice and use some bruise cream to help speed up the process. 

Hobby/interesting fact

1. I looooove reading. If the book does not capture me in the first two/ three pages it’s failed. 

2. I love movie night with my kids on Fridays 

3. An odd one but I enjoying some relaxing colouring /drawing 

Not including food & water, what 3 things would you bring if you were stranded on a desert island?

1. My books 

2. My colouring / drawing equipment 

3. And my husband hahah 

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