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Prevention is better than cure

How to keep your skin looking younger for longer

Preventing ageing

Hello! And welcome to our first ever blog! Our aim is to bring you content that is not only exciting, but informative, something you can learn and gather inspiration from.  We will be bringing you tips, tricks and info on all things make-up, skincare, cosmetic services and wellbeing! A completely holistic approach to good living!

So without further ado, lets dive straight into our first topic: Preventing Ageing. Now before you say to yourself ‘I’m only in my 20’s I don’t need to read this yet’, think of the old saying ‘Prevention is better than cure’, and for those that think ‘Well shit, I’m passed preventing it, I’m there already’! Umm, are you dead? No, well you still got some preventing to do! ? Ok, so everyone still with me? Great! Let’s do this. Preventing ageing is the very first step BEFORE anti-ageing, whereas anti-ageing is about reversing ageing that’s already occurred.

My top tips for preventing ageing are:

1. Sunscreen

No surprises here…Before you roll your eyes, this is seriously my number 1 tip, the sun will age you quicker than anything else, even children! (Maybe not having children should be one of my tips too, lol) Now if you don’t like the feel of a sunscreen on your face then buy make-up products with sunscreen in them, my picks, and you can layer these too (extra protection) Jexon Cosmetics CC cream with SPF 20 and Jexon Cosmetics Mineral to Liquid foundation with SPF 15. Remember to apply sunscreen to your neck, decolatage, hands and arms! These areas are age dead giveaways!

2. Water

Minimum 2 litres a day, don’t believe me? Check this out: How drinking water took years off my face

3. Beauty sleep

8 hours a day, do I really need to convince anyone of this? Who doesn’t want a sleep in?! There’s also now pillowcases on the market to help with anti-ageing, the verdict is still out on these though!

4. Quit smoking

honestly, smoking ages you by at least 10 years.  Take a look at these comparison photos of twins, one who smokes, and one who doesn’t, you’ll be shocked!

5. Avoid sugar

it’s the devil, the delicious, sweet, super ageing devil!!

6. Stop sunbaking!

With so many sunless tanning options out there, there’s no reason to be lathering yourself in coconut oil and laying on the beach for hours. If you’re not into self tanning, why not book an appointment with us!

7. Invest in quality skincare

This is both preventative ageing AND anti-ageing, but I can not stress enough that quality skincare (if you buy it from the supermarket, or your friend’s side networking business it’s not quality). Quality skincare that’s high in active ingredients is the FOUNDATION of good skin health. You can’t build anything on shitty foundations, so don’t even try it!  If you’re not sure what you should be buying, contact the team who’ll be more than happy to give you recommendations to suit your skin type and conditions.

8. Drink milk

Milk contains Vitamin A which is fantastic for accelerating skin cell turnover

That concludes my blog post for this week, tune in next week for my blog on anti-ageing…or, step 2, as I like to call it 🙂 If you have any questions or comments, or would just like to let me know how you think I went for my first ever blog, let me know below! Till next week! ? xx

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