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Teeth Whitening

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Sparkle & shine with Teeth Whitening

We are excited to announce the addition of Teeth Whitening to the clinic. Using a dual combination of LED & the BrightTonix Teeth Whitening & Mouth Rejuvenation system into our range of results-driven aesthetic services.

Teeth Whitening


Our Teeth Whitening is a 3 phase system using both Hydrogen Peroxide & LED in clinic, Radio Frequency, and a take home kit for increased results and longevity.


You can expect a minimum of 2 shades whiter teeth immediately after treatment, with ongoing improving results with the addition of Radio Frequency and a take-home kit.


Hydrogen Peroxide & LED $99
Radio Frequency $99
HP & LED, RF & Take home kit $149

What can I expect immediately after treatment?

You can expect a minimum of 2 shades whiter teeth immediately post treatment

How long does the appointment take?

Appointments take roughly one hour.

How does it work?

Hydrogen Peroxide & LED works by bleaching teeth staining, radio frequency works by breaking down the stains and pulling them out, while the take home kit works in the same way as HP & LED.

Is there any pain?

Some mild discomfort may be felt if you have sensitive teeth or gums.

Is there any downtime?

It is recommended you don’t eat or drink anything for an hour post treatment

How long does it last?

It depends on your lifestyle, things like smoking, red wine, coffee and other foods and drink can all impact on how long the results last.

How often can I have this treatment?

We recommend having this treatment once every 6 months


Clients come from near and as far as interstate and even overseas to visit our clinic, located in Capalaba in the business district of beautiful Redland City, Queensland, we are just a short trip from those in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan and surrounds.


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