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Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Brisbane

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Laser hair removal is a quick and effective way to remove unwanted hair

Looking for laser hair removal in Capalaba or Brisbane? Relatively pain free, we even offer a FREE underarm treatment so you can try before you buy!

A woman getting laser hair removal in Brisbane


Using the highest grade medical laser quickly remove hair permanently with just a few sessions of laser. The treatment is relatively pain free and at the very least achieves a permanent reduction in hair growth.


You will get an idea of the results after just one treatment! Although you will need a course of 8-12 treatments.



Brazilian and underarm $49
Bikini and underarm $49
Bikini $49
Underarm $29
Full leg $199
1/2 leg $129
Lip or chin $19
Sides of face $49
Neck $49
Nipples $19
1/2 arm $119
Full arms $159
Chest $119
Abdomen $69
Shoulders $69
Sides of back $59
1/2 back $119
Full back $179
Snail trail $30
All other areas POA


Brazilian and underarm $195
Bikini and underarm $195
Bikini $195
Underarm $95
Full leg $895
1/2 leg $495
Lip or chin $45
Sides of face $195
Neck $195
Nipples $95
1/2 arm $495
Full arms $645
Chest $495
Abdomen $295
Shoulders $295
Sides of back $245
1/2 back $495
Full back $795
Snail trail $125
All other areas POA


What is the difference between IPL & Laser?

IPL targets everything in the skin – pores, hair, sweat glands, pressure sensors, heat sensors etc. and only temporarily reduces the hair growth, whereas Laser only targets the hair follicle, so you get a permanent reduction in hair growth. We recommend 8-12 treatments then maintenance once every 6-12 months.

Is laser painful?

Laser is a very quick and relatively pain free treatment, our most popular treatment is Underarms & Brazilian, which takes about 7 minutes. If there is some discomfort, we are able to quickly change the settings on the laser to make it more comfortable for you. Still unsure? Book a FREE underarm treatment today!

How many sessions will I need?

We recommend a course of 10-12 sessions, and then maintenance every 6-12 months

Will it get rid of all my hair permanently?

There’s lots of factors that come into play with this question, age, colour of the hair (any greys/white/blonde/red), ethnicity and hormonal factors can all play a part on how effective laser will be.  What is guaranteed is a minimum of 70% permanent reduction!


Clients come from near and as far as interstate and even overseas to visit our clinic, located in Capalaba in the business district of beautiful Redland City, Queensland, we are just a short trip from those in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan and surrounds.


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Remove Unsightly Hair with Laser Hair Removal in Brisbane

The human body is a beautiful thing, but to look your best, it takes hard effort with perhaps the use of laser hair removal in Brisbane. Laser hair removal is the key to rid yourself of the cycle of shaving and waxing your sensitive skin, but to still have the smooth, beautiful skin underneath.

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What You Should Know About Laser Hair in Brisbane

Beat the misconceptions and get to the truth of laser hair removal.

  • Laser hair removal is both quick and effective. Because it relies on advanced laser technology, the procedure is done in a matter of minutes.
  • It’s a permanent solution that requires a small amount of maintenance on an annual basis. You’ll begin to see striking results immediately, but a full course of treatment is usually 8-12 sessions followed by a check-up every 6-12 months after that.
  • The lasers target your hair follicles, producing effective changes without producing excess pain. You’ll be amazed at how seamless and easy the procedure is from start to finish.

What You Can Expect from Injex Clinics with Laser Hair Removal in Brisbane

We’ve learned the techniques to give you the best service possible, with features including:

    • Individual treatments with pay-as-you-go so you can try the procedure without committing to a full course. Alternatively, you can save money by purchasing discounted package rates for hair removal.
    • A conveniently located clinic in Capalaba, Queensland. We’re near Brisbane and Gold Coast, but the quality of our service is enough to attract clients from around the world who fly in to see us.

  • Years of experience in the industry working with the latest techniques on hundreds of happy clients. You’re not working with amateurs, but instead, have the benefits of skills learned over time.
  • Staff that’s not paid by commission, but instead focuses on providing you with the best service possible. Our staff are paid to do the job right, and you’ll feel that when you ask questions and receive genuine, personalised answers and care.
  • Price match. We will price match any laser services, even sales!

Why You Should Use Injex Clinics

Injex Clinics offers the best possible service for the price, and we strive to make it easy for all our clients to find the procedures that suit them on a budget that works. We employ the help of ZipPay and AfterPay to make handling larger purchases a snap. You’ll receive the cosmetic care you desire today and pay over time in a way that fits your budget.

We also feature numerous other treatments and procedures you can receive. These include cosmetic tattoos and tattoo removal, teeth whitening, eyelash treatments, skin tag and mole removal, and vein removal, among others. Each of these services are approached with the same care and as our laser hair removal service.

Treat yourself right and look good in a way that makes you feel good. Our team is here to support you and answer any questions you have. Contact us today to learn more about the laser hair removal procedure or any other service we provide.

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