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Laura Clanchy

Cosmetic Nurse
Injex Clinics - Laura Clanchy - Cosmetic Nurse

Laura has joined us after many years experience with other clinics performing everything from cosmetic injectables to fat freezing.  Laura has a wealth of knowledge and her professional yet laid back and fun personality ensures she’s a favourite at Injex.

Additional training Laura has undertaken includes, but not limited to:

·       Dan Kennedy Plastic Surgeon – Injecting true retaining ligaments technique – Brisbane

·       Dan Kennedy – Anatomy Masterclass UQ – Cadaver Workshop

·       Julie Horne Workshop – Mastering Lip Treatments

·       Galderma Synposiunm – International Key Opinion Leaders Workshop

·       Dr Sabrina Desi Masterclass – UK Oculoplastic Surgeon

·       Dr Ava Shamban Dermatologist USA – Facial Layers in Ageing

·       Dr Liuz Avelar Plastic Surgeon Brazil & Dr Kuldeep Minocha Aesthetic Physician UK – 3 Dimensional Perspective of Anatomy, Assessment & Treatment Options

·       Galderma Clinical Forums – Doctor Training 5 Facets consultation – Dr Nicola Fallon, Dr Kate Morlet-Brown, Dr Jodie Silleri, Dr Sean Arendse

About Laura

Position Registered Nurse
Age 28
Started at Injex August 2017
Favourite food Haloumi
Spirit animal Butterfly or cat
Favourite treatment Carbon facial
Most frequently asked question at
work & answer?
Are you married or do you have kids 🙅🏼 ♀
Neither of those subcategories of life currently apply to me.
Or how much is in your lips? I’ve never had 1ml injected into
my lips at any one time.. collectively currently 0.5-0.7ml in
my lips 💋
Fun fact about you I work as a cardiothoracic and vascular nurse 3-4 days a
week ☺ and I thought that I could tie a lolly snake in a knot
with my tongue..turns out I cannot 😔
Favourite thing about work The staff ☺ such a wonderful environment to be apart of!
Also being able to make a difference in someone else’s life
no matter how big or small, seeing my clients leaving more
connfident than when they walked in is a pretty wonderful
feeling ☺
If you were stuck on a deserted
island, what 3 things would you bring
(not including food or water)?
A mirror, not for vanity to use as a refelctor to draw
attention and to also start a fire 😁
Sunscreen – for obvious reasons y’all be jerkyfied and
pigmented before you know it
And a raincoat – protection from wind, use as shelter and
warmth, and to make condensation for drinking water ☺