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Jess Barker

Dermal Therapist

Jess is a fully qualified Dermal Therapist with additional training in advanced skin treatments. Jess continues to develop her knowledge and training through education and independent research, making sure she stays abreast of the latest technology, cosmetic ingredients and dermal applications to bring clients the best possible quality of care, information and treatments available.

About Jess

Position Dermal Therapist
Age 20-something
Started at Injex May 2016
Favourite food Chocolate
Spirit animal Goat
Favourite treatment Skin needling
Most frequently asked question at
work & answer?
What can I do to get rid of my pigmentation?
Avoid the sun! The sun is nobody’s friend. We have laser
treatments available and skin needling that can help, but you
must stay out of the sun if you want to maintain any results.
Hormones can play a major role with some types of
pigmentation, so it can be a good idea to get your hormones
checked as well.
Fun fact about you I have twin girls!
Favourite thing about work I genuinely love helping people with their skin journey. It’s
the small wins that make me happy and the bigger wins that
make me jump up and down and squeal!
If you were stuck on a deserted
island, what 3 things would you bring
(not including food or water)?
An unlimited supply of sunscreen – boring, but sunsafe
A masseuse and a chef – very practical!