Clinic Manager
Nadine is our Clinic Manager, she’s responsible for the smooth running of the Clinic, and it’s not an easy job! 

On top of this, Nadine is also trained in Eyelash Extensions and Laser Hair Removal!  She has been with the Clinic since the very beginning and we are sure you will love our quiet little pocket rocket as much as we do!

About Nadine
Position Clinic Manager
Age 28
Started at Injex November 2015
Favourite food Woolies wraps
Spirit animal Cat
Favourite treatment Lips

Most frequently asked question at work & answer?

Q: Have you ordered the wraps for Friday?
A: Yes

Fun fact about you I like to pronounce lasagna as las-an-ya

Favourite thing about work Seeing all the amazing staff

If you were stuck on a deserted island, what 3 things would you bring (not including food or water)?

1. Kate Taylor
2. Make up
3. Blanket

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