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Laser Clinics and all you need to know

So you’ve heard the term laser, you’ve heard it hurts, it can cause burns, and maybe you’re a little put off.  Well, we’re here to set the record straight!

Carbon laser facial or china doll facial

What is laser?

Laser for cosmetic purposes can be used for a variety of different applications.  From hair removal, treating red veins, pigmentation, tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation.  There is no ‘one laser fits all’ different lasers will suit different applications better.

Does laser hurt?

It really depends on what treatment you’re having and also your pain tolerance.  For example: A Carbon laser facial is very comfortable and just feels like a warm prickly sensation. Laser tattoo removal on the other hand has a bit more bite to it.  There are a few ways to minimise pain and discomfort such as cryogen cooling, zimmer cooling and even numbing creams.

Can laser cause burns?

In very extreme situations, absolutely, laser can cause burns.  Fortunately, in Queensland, the use of lasers is heavily regulated. Use of a laser requires you to complete: a laser safety course, infection control course, hundreds of supervised hours using particular modalities and, be registered with Radiation Health Qld.  It sounds like a lot, and it is, but it ensures better patient safety.  A lot of the laser burns you hear about are from other states where there is no regulation, or from IPL devices, which are not regulated in any states in Australia. So when you’re having treatment, make sure you know exactly what you’re having done. If you’re not in Queensland, ask your practitioner how much experience and training they’ve had with their laser.

What is the difference between Laser & IPL?

Laser uses focused light, it is very precise and targeted, where as IPL uses scattered light.  IPL is great if you’re wanting to treat multiple conditions where as laser is usually only suitable for 1-3 different applications.

Who can perform laser?

As mentioned, in Queensland you need to have completed extensive studies as well as supervised training hours.  It is actually illegal to posses or use a laser device without a licence.

What laser is available at Injex Clinics?

At Injex we understand that there’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to lasers, so we have 2 types of lasers at Injex Clinics and one IPL machine.  Our Candela GentleLase 755nm Alexandrite is fantastic for hair removal and pigmentation.  We also have a Jeisy’s Tribeam Q-Switched Nd:YAG 532nm & 1064nm.  This device is best for tattoo removal, and superficial pigmented lesions, it can also treat harder pigmentation concerns such as melasma.  Moving on, our IPL device is a SuperLUX. We use this device for treating active acne, skin rejuvenation and vasular conditions such as red veins and rosacea.

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  1. Megan

    Hi I’m Megan.
    I’m wondering can I apply makeup on face after Carbon Laser Facial? I’d like to get the treatment during the weekend but unfortunately nothing is available on any weekends, so I probably do it one of week day and going to work after the treatment. So I really need to know that makeup can be applied on the day! 😭😭


    1. Kate Taylor

      Hi Megan! Yes it can, this one has absolutely no downtime at all 🙂 Perfect for the day of or day before an event

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