Registered Nurse - Aspley & Springfield Lakes


I have been a registered nurse for just over 3 years now! I started my career as a hospital nurse working mainly in the gastroenterology ward.  I took my interest in beauty and skin and tried my luck in applying to become a cosmetic nurse!  It’s now been over a year as a cosmetic nurse and I’m so glad I made the move! I love coming into work each day, I am constantly building my skills and knowledge. Seeing all my amazing clients and colleagues each day makes me so incredibly grateful for my career! 

Favourite treatment

3 areas of antiwrinkle and lips! 

Favourite thing about work

I love the creativity involved with being a cosmetic nurse! I absolutely love chatting with my clients and creating a plan tailored to their personal wants and needs!  

Favourite food

My nonnas lasagna! 

Favourite animal


Most asked question at work

Q: Will my lips be super ducky after my first treatment of filler??

A: Short reply, no! We tailor each treatment and filler type to your natural lip and the results you are after. At injex we are lucky to have amazing products and injectors who will create a beautifully natural, plump and crisp lip without being too full on! 

Hobby/interesting fact

I have a pet parrot who can talk! 

Not including food & water, what 3 things would you bring if you were stranded on a desert island?

1. A boat

2. My family/ friends 

3. SPF always! 

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